Purchasing a home with us

When our clients choose the Corus Group to assist in purchasing a home, they enjoy a level of service, representation and expertise that is uncommon in our industry.

Deep neighborhood knowledge. Within our service areas, our team of agents have a street-by-street knowledge level and can provide deep insights on neighborhood and property characteristics. In some cases, we can suggest upcoming, value-oriented, or lesser known areas that our clients hadn't previously considered.

A no pressure approach. Purchasing a home is a big commitment, and homebuyers should never be pressured to make a purchase before they're ready. Whether our clients wish to purchase quickly or take their time, we work at the pace they prefer. Even if our clients are uncertain of their purchase plans or if their purchase process may take years, we serve them with a patient approach.

Excellent service at all price points. We provide our clients with our full attention and outstanding service regardless of whether they are making a small or large purchase. We never, ever want our clients to feel that their lower-priced home purchases aren't worth our best work.

Outstanding research. In finding homes for our clients, we go beyond the MLS and common home listing sites. We use our network of relationships to find properties that are not yet listed for sale.

Post-contract support. In most transactions, more than half of our work occurs after the sales contract is signed. Coordinating inspections and appraisals, negotiating inspection items, assisting with financing, handling walk-through items, and assisting our clients through closing are important services we provide. And even after the transaction is complete, we stay in touch with our clients providing assistance as needed.